Throw Exporter Germany

Our clientele spans the UK, and we’ve been able to bring life by exporting our manufactured rugs for the variety of projects, from hotels and clubs to palaces and homes, regardless of size. Numerous special editions for events such as high profile weddings have become fans of our rugs and have marked Esskay as the best outdoor rug manufacturers in India and the best rag rugs exporter in India.

The craft and techniques are the only things that define our rug production are time-honored. Techniques passed on down across generations of rug-makers. Artisans whose sole intent is to give uncommon life to meters and meters of the finest yarn, through a set of hand tools that haven’t changed much. What has changed though are materials, and the processes that define the development of the product? We endeavor to innovate constantly with new materials and methods, which has led to the development of new standards and processes that we utilize to ensure rugs that are the closest to perfection. Our handmade rugs production capacity is around 30,000 square meters every month, which means one container being shipped to a city in the UK every second day.

We have of our in-house designers who are young and highly experienced. While we create our designs periodically, our manufacturing house extends a variety of services to clients who need design assistance beyond the ordinary. From exploring the basic themes to establishing the lightest tones of color, the idea is to enable accurate expression, as desired by the designer, the ambiance, the establishment of the brand. Our manufacturing house runs under the aegis of hands.

Esskay ensure that its environmental management standards go beyond the ordinary as we are eco-friendly rugs-manufacturers. All steps of our production process are filtered down which ensures cleanliness, hygiene, and ecological safety.

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