8 Things to Consider Before Buying a Rug

Posted on June 13, 2023 | By Admin

In India, it’s been a tradition to decorate our floors with rugs. Rugs make our house look elegant and homely. These rugs carry utmost importance in an Indian house, and India is the 4th largest country of Rug manufacturers. There are many rugs manufacturers in India, so we Indians have many choices in choosing rugs.

Rugs are an essential aspect of the Indian house interior. So, buying a rug of the best quality and according to your house is of utmost importance. There may be many woven rug manufacturers in India, but only a few provide the best quality. With various choices, you have to buy the best rug that goes well with your interior and decor. 

There are many things that you need to consider before buying a rug. So, we have eight things to check before buying a rug.

  • Personal taste

It’s your house, and you have to live in that house, so choosing a rug according to your personal taste will be the best option. Many people often choose a rug, but afterward, they regret buying it as it is not their choice. 

Buying a rug takes a lot of investment, so if you are investing money, make sure it’s as per your personal choice. So, the first and utmost step is, if you like the rug, its color, and its size, only then buy it. Otherwise, there are a whole lot of options available. Do consider the interior of the area for which you are buying the rug. 

  • Wash and care

It is challenging to wash some rugs as they need a professional wash and the utmost care while washing. Some rugs are too bulky and heavy that they have different washing methods, which experts can only perform. Try washing some rugs once or twice to save money on their washing. Make sure you choose a rug that can be cleaned easily at your home so that you can wash it weekly or monthly.

  • Modern or aesthetic- depends on your choice.

Your rug should be compatible with your interior. With different interior and style comes different rugs and carpets. Rugs groom your house, so make sure your rug matches the interior. If you have an aesthetic theme, then there’s no use for an old-style rug. You can choose a rug of beige or pastel color to match the theme and vice versa. If your house has an elegant theme, then make sure your rug is also elegant, and you should purchase it from reliable rug manufacturers in India

  • Texture of rug

As said, rugs are one of the most crucial parts of interior design. You can choose it on various basis other than your interior theme. Before buying, you have to check the rug’s texture too. People often take the intricate texture rug in their house and then complain about the feel. 

Once you buy the rug, consider that you are buying it for a lifetime. Make sure the rug texture is soft and cozy so that even if you walk without slippers on the rug, it doesn’t feel hard on your skin and gives you a homely feeling.

  • Thickness

In the old era, rugs used to be thick, but now thin rugs are also available in the market. A lightweight carpet does not stick on the ground and needs a better grip. So, the carpet may get defaced from the ground. A thick rug has a good grip and doesn’t get defaced because of the fan or cooler air. A thick carpet has a powerful grip on the ground, so make sure you choose a rug as per your bedroom’s requirements.

Size of the rug

There are two ideal sizes of rugs primarily present in the market, one is 5*8 inches, and another is 12*15. Many rug manufacturers in India also sell rugs in sizes 3*5, 8*10, and 9*12. Make sure you prefer the perfect size according to your house. 

Measure the size, and check whether you need the rug under the table or on the left corner of the hall or room. The rug size matters, so choose the rug that fits your house completely. If your home has less space, go for a small one, but if your house is big, you can go for a big one. 

The rug size also depends on whether you take it for the hall or room. As the room has minimal space, a small one is idle for the room.

  • Material

There are many materials that are used in a rug to make sure the rug material is long-lasting. A rug is a one-time investment in a house, so buying a carpet that lives up to eternity will be beneficial. Many people give their old rugs to their children and grandchildren as a rug with long-lasting material in the hope of their memory. The rugs with durable material will be a good return on investment so choose wisely.

  • Durability

A suitable material is one of many indications of the durability of your rug. Durability depends on needle count, pile, and line counts. A rug material can be good, but sometimes rugs have less needle count, which leads to low durability. Make sure the rug you choose is durable too. 

Needle count: The amount of yarn or fiber loops that make up a rug is known as the needle count. The rug will be thicker and live longer if the density is more significant.

Pile:  You can measure the depth of the rug’s fibers in a pile. A rug with a low pile will be firmer and less luxurious, whereas one with a deep or high pile will have thick, soft fibers.

Line counts refer to the number of twists or threads per square inch, and the value increases as the quantity does. Although carpets with over 6,000 ties per square inch are possible, rugs with 200 to 400 threads per square inch are suitable. These are frequently pricey, handcrafted items with intricate patterns.

So, now that you know what makes an adorable rug make sure to choose wisely.


In Indian houses, rugs are always a one-time investment. So, if you want your one-time rug investment to be fruitful, buy the best rug from the best-woven rug manufacturers in India and consider the above points before buying. 

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